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    In Dog, Dog, Dog Grooming
    Dog Sanitary Trim How-to and Why Some dogs, like smaller breeds and ones with hair instead of fur can get pee and poop (dingle berries ;) ) stuck to […]
    1 Comment
  • WonderPod Interactive Cat ToyPet Geek Wonder Pod Cat Toy Review
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    The Wonder Pod interactive cat toy can entertain and exercise your cats even while you are away - buy on Amazon WonderPod Interactive Cat Toy The […]
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  • Best Christmas Gifts for CatsBest Christmas Gifts for Cats
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    Best Gifts for Cats for Christmas and the Holidays (Interactive Toys - Shop All) Cat Gifts for Winter Holidays If you are like me, your kitties are […]
  • Trim Hairy Dog PadsHow to and benefits of Shaving Dog Paw Pads
    In Dog Grooming
    Hairy Dog Feet and Paw Pads Long hair in between the paw pads on dogs can cause older dogs to slip and fall. It also acts like a mop, soaking up mud […]
  • Dog Care Durring SchoolBack To School Dog Daytime Care
    In Dog
    School Makes Dog Families Busy School is a busy and exciting time of year for working families. New friends, projects and activities can tighten […]

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