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  • Litter Robot Open Air III (White)WhiteWe Beat on Our Litter Robot for 3 Years
    In Cat
    Three Years. Two Cats. We had our Litter Robot for well over three years and didn't really take good care of it, and neither did our two cats. Sure […]
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  • Litter Maid Automated Cat BoxLitter Maid Automatic self-cleaning multi-cat litter box
    In Cat
    3rd Edition Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box (We used for 2 Cats) Litter Maid 3rd Edition Self Cleaning Litter Box (Buy Here) Scooping the cat box […]
  • Moose Antler Dog Chew ToyMoose Antler Dog Chews
    In Dog Chews
    A Juicy, Large Moose Antler Strip Dogs Chew for Many Reasons Most dogs love to chew, which is a great way for them to release of their energy, and it […]
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  • Stop Pee/Poop Sticking to Dog Hair with a Sanitary Trim
    In Dog, Dog, Dog Grooming
    Dog Sanitary Trim How-to and Why Some dogs, like smaller breeds and ones with hair instead of fur can get pee and poop (dingle berries ;) ) stuck to […]
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  • WonderPod Interactive Cat ToyPet Geek Wonder Pod Cat Toy Review
    In Cat Toys, Product Reviews
    The Wonder Pod interactive cat toy can entertain and exercise your cats even while you are away - buy on Amazon WonderPod Interactive Cat Toy The […]
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