A Juicy, Large Moose Antler Strip

Dogs Chew for Many Reasons

Most dogs love to chew, which is a great way for them to release of their energy, and it is natural for them to want to chew things.

The problem comes when the chew things that you don’t want them to like furniture, remotes, or dry wall (RIP Gretchen).

Most moose antlers are all-naturally shed dog chews that are shed, or fall from moose each year. Some antlers can be cut from hunted moose, but never MoosePrixie Naturally-Shed Moose Antlers.

Let me explain why moose antlers are so beneficial to you and your dog’s health.

Moose Antlers are safe.

Moose Antlers are found in the woods after the moose has naturally shed their antlers. No additives or chemicals are added to them, so they are made up of only calcium and minerals.

Moose antlers are non splintering and when your dog chews on it, it is gradually ground down.

This puts me at ease knowing a piece will not break off and damage my dog’s intestines.

Compared to regular bones or marrow bones which can cause mouth and tongue injuries, get stuck on your dogs mouth, cause a blockage in their intestines and even scrape or poke through their intestines if small fragments break off.

Moose Antler Dog Chews
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Great for their teeth.

Because a moose antler is very hard and your dog will gradually grind it down they are great for their teeth. When they chew on a moose antler it will help plaque and tarter from building up on their teeth.

Way better in my opinion than bones and especially marrow bones which can break your dogs teeth!

No mess or odor.

Moose Antlers are dense so even when chewed on for a while they do not get soft. They will leave no mess on your carpet and they have no nasty odor to them like many raw hides or bones.

Economical Dog Chew

Jersey loves her moose antler.

Compared to other bones and even other antlers like elk or deer, moose antlers are the most dense, making them extremely long lasting.

Moose Antlers also grow the largest making it possible to provide a safe sized antler for even the biggest and most aggressive chewers.

Hypoallergenic and Healthy

Moose antlers being made up of only calcium and minerals are a great treat for any dog even those with the most sensitive stomachs or allergies. They also contain no fat so are a great treat even if your pup is on a diet or has pancreatitis.

How to get all these benefits

The key for your dog to enjoy all these great benefits is purchasing the right size for your pet. We prefer and love Acadia Moose Antlers and follow their size chart when purchasing antlers from them.

Beyond what is listed below, they have larger chews for the biggest breeds and toughest chewers like “pit bull pacifiers” and “colossals” and even batons made out of the hardest part of the moose antler.  Always supervise your pet whenever they are chewing on a dog chew of any kind.

                                          Size Chart

Extra Small Size: Dogs under 10 pounds
Small Size: Dogs up to 20 pounds
Medium Size: Dogs 20 – 40 pounds
Large Size: Dogs size 40 – 70 pounds
Extra Large Size: 70+ pounds

Moose Antler Dog Chew Size Chart