Purrfect Arch Cat Grooming Toy Review

Purfect Arch Grooming Cat Toy

Overall Rating: B

Purpose: The arch is designed to be a place where your cat can scratch and also massage themselves on the sturdy bristles. This will also help remove any dead, loose hair.Purrfec Arch Cat Toy Contents

Cost: Now a days these can be found pretty inexpensive (Buy Here), from $15-20

Durability: This toy is durable. The bristles are thick and attached well to the arch. The base is made of plastic but has a nice carpet on top for them to scratch.

How well it works: With some enticing Wally really enjoyed rubbing on and chewing the bristles. He never actually walked through it, but he still seem to be enjoying himself. Prixie seemed to have a “take it or leave it” attitude. She rubbed on it a bit and even walked through the arch which made her do the butt lift. That is when I noticed some hair had been removed and stuck to the bristles. Without the cat nip  I am not sure how much they would of played with it. It has been a couple days since we originally introduced the arch to them and they have not played with it much if at all. I think with a few more enticing sessions with us they may be more apt to play with it!

Negatives: The cats don’t seem to be playing with it as much as I hoped. The cat nip seems to be a must, but found it worked better just putting it on top of the carpet instead of in the little whole on the bottom.
I also don’t feel that this is going to actually remove much dead hair. Your cat will still need a good weekly brushing!

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