Cat’s Meow Cat Toy

Overall Rating: C+

Cost: Compared to other cats toys this is at the more expensive end. They are $10-15 if you can find in stores, or $10 here on Amazon

Durability: It took Prixie only a couple of months to break off the wand! She is more of a feisty then a docile cat and was not just pawing at the toy. She would bite it and try to rip it off! I never had problems with the motor and the yellow nylon covering held up well.


The part Prixie broke off!


Fun Factor: This entertained all three of the cats I tried it on! They would play with the cat’s meow together or alone and it kept their attention for a good chunk of time. It really helps with stimulating their hunting instincts and burning some excess energy!

Indoor/Outdoor: This is an indoor toy because it does have a motorized part and needs to be placed on a level surface.

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Pros: This is a great concept and all the cats loved it and played with it.

Cons: Cheaply made and a bit pricey for the 3 months it lasted ($10 at Amazon).


Hopefully they will correct some off the issues with the Cat’s Meow as cats really are entertained by it. Have seen one just sit on it but most cats will play with it for hours – if you let them and it doesn’t break first. “We didn’t try to super glue the piece or melt it back. ” – Editor of Prixie Pets

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