WonderPod Interactive Cat Toy
The Wonder Pod interactive cat toy can entertain and exercise your cats even while you are away – buy on Amazon

WonderPod Interactive Cat Toy

The Wonder Pod by PetGeek is an inexpensive cat toy that interacts with your cats when activated. If left on, your cats can play with it even while you are not home.

The feather toy swishes back and forth at many different speeds and patterns to make it interesting to your cat. On top of the feather toy there is also a fabric fish that bounces all around.

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Even if your cat knocks over the toy it will continue to work and may even be more fun because it can start rolling around from your cat playing with it. There are different opening in the crinkle fabric that the fish toy and feathers pop in and out of to tease your cat.

First opening the box I was happy to see there was no assembly required. It came with an owners manual and also an extra feather cat toy if you have an extra playful feisty cat like Prixie.

In the Box: WonderPod Contents

  • WonderPod (Comes fully assembled)
  • 3 AA Batteries needed (get some)
  • Owners manual
  • Replacement feather toy included

Cats Play with WonderPod

At first our cats were a little spooked by the Wonder Pod because of the rapid movements it was making and the noise of it.

The box advertised the Wonder Pod made enticing squeaky mouse noises.

  • I’m not sure I could here that over the noise of the motor moving the feather toy back and fourth (Editor’s Note – That may be the “mouse squeeking” sound….)

Once they got over the initial shock they started to stalk the toy and eventually pounced on it and then batting at it. They did seem to loose interest quickly but then we could hit the pod getting it moving again and they would come back for some more.

Overtime I think they will enjoy it more and learn how to get it started again on their own.

Feather Poppin’ Fun

Prixie is a little more rambunctious than Wally so she would be able to pop the feather out of the pod either by grabbing it by her paw or her teeth!

So my only suggestions would be to maybe have the toy feather click into the pod, so it was still easy to switch out, but not so easy for the cat to pop it out because they toy is almost useless once the toy is removed.

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Wonder Pod Final Review

Overall, the Wonder Pod is a very fun toy that I think the cats will grow to love.

I like that we could leave it on when we are gone and if the cats got into a playful mood  they can just paw at it to get it going. Good price point and quality. I bet some cat nip would help them fall in love quicker.