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Litter Robot in Home

The Litter Robot Automated Cat Box

The Litter Robot Open Air III is the newest automatic, self cleaning cat litter box released from Automated Pets.

Scoops Your Cat Litter, So You Don’t Have To

Cat Using Litter RobotWe are all busy. Your cats are too – eating, cleaning themselves, playing and …. peeing and pooping.

With the Litter Robot, you don’t scoop the cat box every time they do their business.

It automatically does it for you! When the waste drawer is full, just empty the bag and put a new one in.

You are good to go!


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Features of Litter Robot III

Litter Robot Open Air 3 Features & Benefits


We Use it in Our Home

We have tried and tested the Litter Robot Open Air in our own home. We love it and recommend it to any cat owner!

To document of affection for this product, we have made a Complete Litter Robot III Review that includes:


Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

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