School Makes Dog Families Busy

School is a busy and exciting time of year for working families. New friends, projects and activities can tighten anyone’s schedule.

Dog owners always have the same problem – who is going to let the dog out to pee, walk them or feed them?

To help, try utilizing companies like Rover to help take care of your pup during school and work hours.

Rover is the nation’s largest network of in-home pet sitters and dog walkers.

With their network of professionals, they offer many different services to help you give your dog the attention and care they deserve when you can’t.

All Rover professionals are dog lovers just like you. You can choose your own care provider by looking at their customer reviews and skills.

While Rover is our favorite, here are other in-home dog care providers we recommend.

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Help Stressed/ Destructive Dogs

While there are many reasons your dog could be stressed out or destructive, behaviors that appear when back to school starts are usually caused by:

  • Being left alone all day (especially when they are used to having the kids and rest of family present.
  • Not getting enough or consistent exercise.
  • Not being let outside to pee/poop (especially older dogs that can’t hold it as long or puppies that have less control).

Hiring someone to come care for your dog or other pets while the family is away for school can make a big difference in the health and happiness of your canine friend.

No More Mr. Lonely (Dog)

Being alone can be tough for a pet, especially when they’ve had the last few months with a fuller house. Even our dog Bruin gets stressed being alone frequently (luckily, we can bring him to the shop)

With you and the kids gone, schedule a drop-in visit while your pup adjusts to the quietness of the home. They could even take them out for a walk everyday or on your long days when you don’t have time.

After a long work day, planning dinner, and knowing you have to help the kids with homework and put them to bed, the last thing you want to do is come home to a sad or slightly “neglected” dog.

Exercise for Happy, Healthy Dogs

Just like people, dogs can get stressed out by not getting enough exercise and fresh air. This can lead to all types of destructive behaviors such as chewing and ripping up furniture.

Most dogs love chewing moose antlers, which can help relieve stress, clean teeth and prevent unwanted chewing.

While you can exercise them yourself, even in the cold weather, this can be tricky during the school year when no one is home during the day.

Luckily, you can hire someone to come by your home and let them out, go for a walk, run, or even just throw them a ball in the back yard.

Save stress by streamlining your dog’s care during the school week and book your Rover service today!

Written by Robert Tanguay

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