Blue Naturally Fresh Walnut Based Cat Litter

Overall Rating: A-

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Types of Walnut Cat Litter

Offering a natural alternative to common clay cat litters. This is a litter made out of walnut shells and claims to be no dust and low tracking. There are few different kinds including multi-cat, quick clumping, pellet, alpine meadow, and herbal attraction.

The specific kind that I am reviewing is the multi-cat. I cannot find a difference between the quick clumping and the multi-cat. Even on the website nothing is listed stating what the difference is.

The pellet litter is non-clumping and is in pellet form. Alpine Meadow is a scented version that is still all natural because it is scented by herbs and botanicals.

Last is the herbal attraction litter that has specific herbs blended in to help cats that do not use the litter box consistently. All types of this litter are 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable.

Cost: It is more expensive when comparing prices to clay litters, but they claim it will last 3X longer. A 26 lb bag should run you just under $30

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Durability: Using the type that is non-scented I could smell a slight urine smell when the cats had just used the box. Once it is absorbed into the walnuts the smell would go away. I would add a little more litter each time I scooped to freshen it up. Even doing this, I used less of this litter then I normally would with clay litter.

How well it works: When scooping the clumps they did not stay together as well as clay litter, so when I scooped I just let the unused walnuts fall through rather then sifting it. . When it would fall a part was in the areas where there was a lot of pee. My cat wally pees right in the front of the box every time, making it one big clump. I did find the clumps from my smaller female cat the were just one pee worth stayed clumped nicely.

I was very pleased because there is no dust! I never liked breathing that in from clay litter and always thought that can’t be good for the cat’s lungs either. The cats do track less of this out of the box and it makes less of a mess in general. Both cats adjusted well to this litter because I think the texture is similar to clay.

Negatives: Naturally Fresh does not clump as well and can take some time to absorb, so you may have a slight odor momentarily.

Pros: This litter is all natural, biodegradable, no dust, low tracking, more efficient, and all walnuts used are made in the USA!

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A bag of Naturally Fresh lasts a long time – we bought a 26 lb bag and it has lasted us over 3 months with two cats and two litter boxes and we still have another change. You rarely have to change the whole box, just remove the waste, and add some fresh litter and you are set.

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