Ever since I learned about the company Lupine Pet, there has been no reason to buy a collar or leash anywhere else! My love for Lupine all started when I got a Lupine key chain for a birthday present one year. I loved the beautiful, bright colors which made it real easy to find my keys buried in the bottom of my purse! I could not wait to get my dog a collar from this company! To my surprise there are many perks that come along with buying from Lupine.

Why do I love Lupine Pet so much?

*They offer fun, colorful patterns on their collars and leashes in many sizes and styles.

*They are made in the USA and even locally (for me) in NH!

*They offer an unbeatable guarantee.

*They are made of great quality.

*The company is always giving back to the community through donations and sponsorships!

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Lupine Dog Collar Guarantee

I don’t know why anyone would ever buy a collar anywhere else, especially with their “even if chewed” guarantee! That’s right, even if your dog was the one to ruin the collar they will replace it with no receipt, no questions asked! All you do is mail the damaged leash or collar to:

Lupine Returns

PO Box 1600

Conway, NH 03818

Include your name, mailing address, and email or phone number. The replacement goes in the mail free of charge the next business day after the damaged item is received! That’s it! Haven’t had to ever use or know anyone who has, but you know they are quality leashes with that type of guarantee.

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ECO Collars made by Lupine out of recycled plastic bottles