Aroma Care Argan Shampoo by Professional Pet Products Argan-shampoo

Overall Rating: A

Purpose: To moisturize and rejuvenate the coat using Argan oil.

Cost: This shampoo is priced average compared to other dog shampoos.

Durability: It has a very refreshing long lasting smell that seems to be loved by all! When I wash dogs in this shampoo clients immediately can smell it and are very pleased.

How well it works: This product will leave a dog’s coats feeling soft and smelling fantastic. It lathers and cleans well, plus, rinses out easily. This is the best smelling dog shampoo out there!!!

Negatives: It states ideal for all coats, but I would be hesitant to use this on a dog with sensitive skin or allergies because of the strong scent. I also believe the scent may be too strong for some owners.

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