10 Reasons We Love Frenchies

10 Reasons Why We Love Frenchies

1. That Smile! We just can’t get enough of it…weather it is a big wide open Frenchie smile or the curly lip smile 🙂

King Frenchie Personality

2. Personality, personality, personality! These guys are the biggest goof balls you will ever meet. Frenchies keep you entertained and laughing for hours!

Frenchie Licking Nose
3. Oh the noises! The sounds that come out of these dogs will have you wondering from what end did it come from. They snort, grunt, fart, howl, and some even sound like they are talking to you. Or are aliens from another planet!

Frenchie Lick Nose
4. Nap time? They are always game. French Bulldogs are easily excitable and all dogs need some daily exercise, but luckily with these guys it doesn’t take much to tire them out.


Frenchie Watch Dog In Shadows

5. Mini Watch Dog -If a stranger approaches they will definitely let you know!

6. Frenchies love their families! They just want to spend as much time as they can with you.

French Bulldog Love
7. They’re tough. Small in size, but so compact, muscular, and sturdy. No prissy lap dog here. More like a log who will come bouncing on you.

Ego Like a French Buulldog

8.They have one of a kind facial features and expressions – When their bugged eyed, smooshed nosed, big eared face cocks his head at you, your heart will instantly melt.

Sensitive Frenchies
9. They’re sensitive nature. Although French Bulldogs can be very stubborn and want to be the center of attention, be careful of what you say and how you say it to them. They are very good readers of your energy and you can tell when you get the low head, ears back puppy dog eyes.

Resting French Bulldog
10. Their ridiculous resting positions – Sometimes you can just look at them and be like “how is that comfortable?”

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