Hairy Dog Feet and Paw Pads

Long hair in between the paw pads on dogs can cause older dogs to slip and fall. It also acts like a mop, soaking up mud and crud from outside to bring into your house.

Shaving the hair in between your dogs paw pads is not only good for them, but for pet parents as well. It’s a pretty easy thing to do yourself especially if your dog sits still for it.

How to Trim Dog Paw Pads

Why Trim Dog’s Paw Pads

If you have given your dog an at home haircut I find shaving the pads and trimming the feet is one of those small finishing details that give your pup a nice clean look. 

It will also help not track so much of the outside elements into your home. If you have a pet that licks their feet or needs medication to be put on the paw pads shaving them will help.

I also find a lot less snow gets stuck in between the pads if the hair is removed during the winter months. (see Winter Exercise for Dogs)

Watch How to and Why Trim Paw Pads
Paw Prixie is an all-natural soothing wax that protects and helps heal raw and cracked dog paw pads and human hands too.

What You Need to Trim Paw Pads:

1. Patience and calm energy. Make your dog feel comfortable by being calm yourself and once you pick up the paw wait until they calm down and are relaxed before starting to shave.

2. A clipper with a blade that will cut the hair really short. In this video I am using the Bravura clippers by Wahl (see all Wahl clippers)set on the shortest setting which is equivalent to a 40 surgical pet blade. 

Typical Hairy Dog Paw that holds dirt and reduces traction.

How to Shave Dog Paws: 

1. Just like nail trimming it’s best to have the dog up on something to have better control. I also find it easier to shave the pads if the nails are cut shorter. Check out our nail trim video/article here.

2. Pick up the dogs pad and fold the paw back and keeping it close to their body. Pulling out in front of to side too much can harm your pup.

3. Have a looser grip on the pad and make sure their paw is relaxed so you can easily get into to the paw pads.

Be Careful Not to Cut Skin

4. You can cut the skin between the toes so be careful to not use too much pressure and shave using a scooping motion. I mostly just shave the two spots behind the large paw pad. 

Shaved, Clean Dog Paw Pad
Nice and Clean Paw Pad

More Dog Feet and Paw Care

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