How to Clean Your Litter Robot Easily

How to Clean Litter Robot
How and When to Clean Your Litter Robot Open Air III

Cleaning the Litter Robot Open Air III

The Litter Robot Open Air III should be cleaned completely every 1-3 months. We usually wait three months to clean it with our two cats, but probably should do it sooner.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to clean the litter robot, and another 10 to dry and assemble. It will smell great when you’re done!

When Should I Clean My Litter Robot

If we wait too long, one of the cats (we think Prixie) will poop outside the Litter Robot. She is our little princess. Basically, the Litter Robot will get smelly.

Also, clumps of cat litter stick to the grate occasionally, and never seem to fully evaporate that smell of urine out. It happened recently since we moved the Litter Robot to the basement, and couldn’t figure out why there was a urine smell. Simple to clean, but you just have to check it occasionally.

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How to Clean a Litter Robot

Cleaning your Litter Robot Open Air is easy with this guide. Our how to video has received rave reviews – Subscribe to get more!

  1. Empty cat litter.
  2. Dissemble
  3. Wash & Wipe It Down
  4. Hand or Air Dry
  5. Re-Assemble Litter Robot

Empty the Cat Litter

Press the empty button to empty into the litter tray. Gently brush away with a scrub brush the stuck litter.

Take out the bag and carbon filter. We washed ours once, but you may want to replace because they loose potency, and odors can more easily escape the tray. (Recommended every 3-6 months)


Take the Litter Robot Apart

It’s easy to take apart the Litter Robot.

With all electronics, unplug your Litter Robot before you begin cleaning.

Remove the globe from the base, remove the tray. Bang the litter out the tray and use the hose of a vacuum to remove the litter in the base and other parts.

Wash & Wipe Your Litter Robot

Wipe the Base Down

The base contains all the electrical components, so Do Not Submerge or Wash the Base with Water. Instead, use a damp cloth with mild cleaner.

Wipe the Drawer Full Indicator Lights with the damp cloth.

Wipe the bonnet and base exterior last. Don’t mess with the chip connectors on the side on the bonnet.

Wash the Waste Drawer Tray

Wash the waste tray with a brush and mild soap. This is where you would wash the carbon air filter if you aren’t replacing it (buy official air filter).

You could make your own from standard carbon air filters.

Wash the step mat and ramp, which we now have and highly recommend, if you have the room.

Wash the Globe

Using a brush, wash the globe with the mild soap and water, as it does not contain electronics. Wash all the interior and rubber mat where the litter sits in normal operation.

The exterior of the globe gets a little dusty, so we just wipe that with a cloth.

Drying the Litter Robot

We try to let the Litter Robot air dry for a little bit before putting it back together.

You can also wipe excess water and moisture, being careful not to let the any water from the globe get on to the electronics in the base.

Re-Assemble Your Litter Robot

Waste Drawer

Put the filter in the clips of the tray, and put a fresh bag in the tray. Slide the clean tray back in the base.

Putting the Globe on the Base

When putting the globe back on the base, you are going to want it in the home position and on track. The key in the back of the globe needs to be in line with the notch on the back of the base.

Take the globe and place it with the key into the notch on the back of the base. Take the bonnet and snap it gently on each side of the base.

Litter Robot Open Air III (White)White

Finish Up

Almost done! Add fresh clumping cat litter to the globe and plug in the power cord.

Press the power button and give it a few moments to cycle on. Your cat is ready to use.

It is Easy to Clean Your Litter Robot

Cat Using Litter Robot

We are all busy. Your cats are too – eating, cleaning themselves, playing and …. peeing and pooping.

With the Litter Robot, you don’t scoop the cat box every time they do their business.

It automatically does it for you! When the waste drawer is full, just empty the bag and put a new one in.

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