Best Pet Boarding Care

How to Find the Best Care for your Pets. Cat & Dog Boarding: In Home and Overnight Stay

You are going away on vacation! YAY! But wait! Who is going to watch your precious pets while you are gone?

This is always a tough decision because you need to find someone you trust that will give your pets the best care. I feel a lot of owners are using boarding facilities less and less because they feel their dog would be more comfortable at their own home or with one on one care.

Dog Care While You’re Away

Some dogs are just fine being boarded, but some get really stressed out which can stress out other dogs. It also can get pretty pricey when you start adding additional play time so your dog can get out of his boarding run (kenneled area) for more more than just to go to the bathroom.

Another option is use your dog groomer, especially if you have a good relationship with them. Many groomers will let a dog they groom into their home for a few days, or even stop by. I know I have. You will have to pay for this inconvenience, but you can rest assured that your dog will be well loved.

See What Prices and Services of Dog Groomers

Cats Are Fine Most of the Time

Cats are a little easier. Since they are not pack animals, they are fine with food and fresh water. This makes it easier to find help to check in on them, however –

No one likes scooping a Cat Box – Read “Everything Litter Robot

Ours scoops up cat messes for us and takes a week before the waste bin needs to be emptied.

They even have auto-pet feeders, matched with cameras, and you need only have someone check on from time to time.

Pet Sitters for Cats and Dogs

I have found finding a pet sitter that can come to your pup in your home or have them stay at their home can be best for a lot of dogs. If you have a friend or family member that is close by, they can be a great help.

Often, though, they are busy the same times that you are, holidays and during the summer. It’s time to call a professional.

There still is the worry of finding the right person, so we have done our research to compare a few different websites. This will help you find the best company to use and choose the perfect match for your pets.

My top pick:

This website was very easy to navigate and I got a great vibe that they really are trying to find great people to take care of your pets! They only approve less then 20% of applicants who apply to be listed on their website. They are really picky, but in a good way.

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I also liked that I was able to view pet sitters profiles and reviews then pick the sitter that I felt was the best fit. These profiles were filed with a ton of information about the sitters like did they allow pets on their furniture or bed and if the sitter was CPR certified.  They also offer 24/7 support and have a reservation guarantee.

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All Pet Sitters:
Are labeled if they have completed background checked
Will be insured by
Use the Rover app to keep clients informed about their pet while in their care.

Services Rover offers:
House sitting with pet care
Boarding at their homes
Drop In visits
Dog walking
Doggy day care at the sitters home
Care for animals other then just dogs and cats.

Booking Process:
Pet owner looks thru sitter profiles and picks who they like best.
Can set up a meet and greet before hand.
Pet owner then books and pays for sitter thru website.


My second pick: Fetch! Pet care

This is a website that help you book and find a sitter for you. Fetch! has local offices where the pet sitters have gone for an orientation to make sure they know what is expected of them by performing services in accordance with Fetch to ensure safety and quality. Not all local websites have their pet sitter listed and you are trusting Fetch! to find the perfect candidate for you vs you picking the pet sitter yourself.

They seem to be a growing company so although they do not have an office in a lot of states still I am sure there will be in no time. They offer a ton of extra services and some more unique ones like pet taxi or group off leash adventure groups!

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All pet sitters are:
Background checked.
Insured by Fetch!
Have a back up sitter assigned
Leave report cards and will call and text you while your pet is in their care.

Services Fetch! offers.
Home sitting with pet care.
Boarding at their homes.
Puppy care.
Dog walking.
Group off leash adventures.
Pet Taxi.

Booking Process:
Owner may be able to view some pet sitters profiles.
Owner books and pays through website.
Fetch! then matches you with the most qualified candidate.

Other Options: and

I found both these websites to be more of a directory and not just individuals are listed but companies are too. you typically post a job you are looking for someone to fulfill. Who is available will then respond to your posting and you pick the best candidate after looking at their profiles and interviewing them.

Some do have an email or other contact information on their profiles and so if you did prefer someone I’m sure you could book it that way too. If you want background checks or references you can get them per request. They offer house sitting, boarding, walking, grooming, and training. I just found this to be a better website for finding care for you children vs. care for you pets. Seems very similar to because it is a directory and the pet owner typically posts a job and then wait for sitters to contact them. They do give you an option to just look through the directory, reach out to your favorites and then pick the pet sitter yourself which is nice.

They have a system through their website to contact potential sitters so you do not need to give the any of your own information before hiring them. They do have a customer service support and can help you find a sitter too! Website seems more geared towards just dogs and cats but does list boarding facilities too if you were interested in going that route for your pet.

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