The Importance of brushing out your cat and the best tools to use!

With every season change cats will shed. If you don’t brush your cat regularly you may notice him shedding continuously or leaving clumps around the house. Properly brushing your cat out on a regular basis is very important for his comfort and health.

Why brushing them is important:

I recommend a proper brushing on your cat once a week. If you cat does not tolerate it very well you may want to consider doing short 10 min sessions daily. We all get busy and can forget but, brushing him is critical to prevent most fur related issues and can help you bond with your kitty and also examine his general health for issues that may need attention.

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Don't Be Knotty

Unmatted Cats with Beautiful Fure - Cute

Brushing your cat frequently will prevent matting (tight knots), dry skin, and hair balls. When cats are not brushed out the dead hair they naturally loose can stick to the healthy hair. If we do not help by brushing them, it can become too much for them to care for by  themselves. This will cause hair balls and cause dead hair to knot up and mat in the coat. If a cats coat gets matted close to the skin it can be painful and dangerous. A mat too close to the skin does not let the air get to it and allow it to breathe. Whenever the cat moves a mat will pull on the cat’s skin causing it pain. Cats with a lot of mats or mats that are too tight, will need to be shaved.

Please seek out a professional groomer if this is the case. A cat’s skin is very thin and not attached to the muscle, making it very easy to cut them. Your best bet is to stay on a schedule and brush your cat on regular basis to prevent the hair balls, knots, and dry skin.

Proper Brush Out Technique:

Follow these instructions to make sure you are properly brushing your cat. Start with a slicker brush to brush your cat all over. Areas to pay close attention to are: the armpits, behind the ears, in the tuck up (where the belly line meets the back legs), and the furry area on the back of the back legs.

If someone is available to help, have them scruff the cat and lay it on one side. Now you can stretch out the back leg and get to some of the important areas I mentioned above and the cats belly. Now that you have brushed the cat out make sure to follow up with a comb.

My favorite Tools:

I do have a preference on which tools I use depending on whether the cats coat is short haired or long haired. On a short haired cat I like a slicker brush, a comb and a Furminator. With a long haired cat I prefer a slicker brush, an undercoat comb, and a rake.

I can be seen in the videos above using these different tools that I like to use on cat hair brush outs.

Make sure you tell us about your cat brush out horror/ success stories, tips and tricks or ask any questions in the comments bellow!