Best Gifts for Cats for Christmas and the Holidays (Interactive Toys – Shop All)

Cat Gifts for Winter Holidays

If you are like me, your kitties are part of your family and you want to show them your love during the holiday season too! Our pets even have their own Christmas stockings!

We’ve been searching for the perfect gift for our two cats so I thought I’d share! 

1. Cat Scratch Box Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Cat Scratch Box by Midlee
Midlee Gingerbread Cat Scratch Box (Buy on Amazon)

How cute is this? Cats like to hide or sleep someone safe. This Gingerbread House does the trick and also has a cat scratching bottom.

Want a non holiday cat scratch house? Check this one out.

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2. Play Mice – Made with Rabbit Fur

Play Cat Mouse Toys
Cats Love these Real Rabbit Fur Play Mice by Catrageous (Buy on Amazon)

Cat Mouse toys are great classic stocking stuffers. Cats love playing with these! Prixie likes to dunk hers in her water bowl.

A bit messy, but honestly they are good for hours of play! (Editor’s Note – These are good training for real mouse prevention 😉 ) They seem to like the real rabbit fur play mice.

See a variety of cat mice toys here.

3. Interactive Play Toys

Maybe your cat needs a little encouragement to get into a playful mood. This interactive hide and seek mouse is great.

Interactive Electronic Cat Toy by PETGEEK (Buy on Amazon)
We tested out the WonderPod Interactive Cat Toy by PetGeek <– Full Product Review

For the most feisty and energetic cats, try the PetDroid Boltz Electronic Pet Toy (Buy on Amazon). The toy on top is even interchangeable so you can find what intrigues your cat the most.

4. Automatic Laser Pointers

Interactive Cat Laser Tumbler by PetNF – (Buy on Amazon)

We all know how much cats love chasing the little red dot around the room and up walls. Now imagine you didn’t have to be the one controlling it (it can get a little boring).

If you have a smart little kitty and they figure out where that special red dot is coming from, don’t worry – this base moves around like a tumbler.

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Plants Safe For Cats

Organic Pet Grass Kit by The Pet Ladies (Buy on Amazon)

Cat nip or cat grass are a great way to bring the outdoors in especially during a long winter. Cats enjoy chewing on it and you will have peace of mind knowing it’s a plant that’s safe for them. 

Cat Nip Makes the Kitties Purr

What cat doesn’t love Cat Nip? It relaxes them and makes them playful. You can put it on scratch posts or any toy if you buy loose cat nip, or let them play with toys and pouches filled with it.

We also recommend a fresh cat nip kit as many cats love to much on live plants – buy on Amazon.