Clean Home Pets

How to Keep the House Clean with Pets

As much as we love our furry pets, they sure are messy! Cats and dogs shed, track cat litter around the house, mud and crud from the outdoors to your living room, among the other odors and biological matter they leave behind.

Living with someone who was not initially a dog lover (I’ve since won him over) and hates pet hair I knew I had to start taking some extra measures if I wanted to keep him happy.

Here’s our list of things I do to keep the house cleaner longer even with pets!

Prevention is Key to a Clean Pet Owner’s Home!

Regular Brushing is a must.

The number one thing that I feel is most noticeable and annoying is the fur…EVERYWHERE! I recommend brushing your pets weekly if you can, but at the least, monthly. The more fur you get out on the brush, the less that will be on you furniture or floors.

Click here to see what is a good brush for your dogs coat type, or read the full article on How to Make Your Dog Shed Less.

During the change of seasons some pets may need to be brushed even more frequently.

Brushing Your Short Hair Cat Out

Short hair cats shed more than you think. The good news is that it’s much easier to get that dead hair before it collects on the floor with short hair compared to long.

Brushing Your Long Hair Cat Out

Long hair cats are a bit more work, but your due diligence will be well rewarded with fur free home and a clump free kitty.

Read the full article here: How to Brush Your Cat Out (Short + Long)

Regular grooming makes a big difference.

Even with short haired dogs, getting a professional grooming done can make a big difference in the amount of dead hair that is falling all over your home. At the same time they will clean your dog’s smelly ears and clip their toe nails.

As a groomer myself I have many clients that can’t believe the difference between a professional grooming vs. a bath done at home. We have a lot of equipment and tools that the average pet owner dot not have. This allows us to remove more dead hair a lot easier.

Learn What Goes Into a Dog Grooming to get a better understanding of pricing and the different services.

For cats, you might be able to have them groom themselves or help out every once and a while with a bath. Warning – if you have a less tolerable cat it is a good idea to leave it up to the professionals. Some cats can get pretty violent in the water and you can get cut badly.

Depending on your cats coat a bath could also help tremendously. I typically give the cat a bath and then set up just brush out appointments every few weeks for clients so we stay on top of it.

Wipe those dirty paws.

This may seem ridiculous, but it take me a whopping 30 seconds and it prevents my floors from getting so dirty. I use to nag my fiance for walking around the house in his shoes after I cleaned the floors.

He would say they are his inside shoes (not sure if I believe that haha) and that it didn’t matter because our dog, Bruin leaves foot prints all over the floor every time he comes in.

I figured he does have a point and God only knows what he is stepping in outside, so this is when I started wiping off his paws when he comes in. I just hang a doggy towel right with his leash on the leash hook by the door, making it quick and convenient.

I use ShamWOW Towels (click to buy) because they are super absorbent and work great for a number of things around the house, like cleaning, absorbing spills or puppy accidents, and also for an all over wipe down if your pup gets caught in the rain!

For Dogs with Hair

With dogs that have hair instead of fur, the hair can get overgrown in between their paw pads – so you have to trim it from time to time.

My mom has a longer coated dog so she has even taught him to shake off each time he comes in, leaving any twigs, leaves, or dirt in the mud room verses all over her house!

Automatic Cat Litter Box.

Having an automatic cleaning litter box makes your life easier and keeps the smell down . We love the Litter Robot because seconds after you cat does his or her business the litter robot scoops it up and puts it in an enclosed tray.

Now every once in a while all you just have to empty out the tray. Even with the covered litter boxes I would still smell the box. With the Litter Robot, the smell is contained into the tray.

I Absolutely Hated cleaning the cat box. Now I don’t have to.

– Saved $25 off the Litter Robot

Have areas made for just your pet.

Bruin sleeps in his bed at the foot of our bed…NOT in our bed. If you love to cuddle you pup I get it, so this one might not be for everyone, but I have noticed a big difference since Bruin stopped sleeping in the bed with us.

I don’t have to wash the comforter as often and the hair and dog smell is contained to his bed which I cover with a towel or blanket that I can easily throw in the wash. We also have a bed for him in the living room next to the couch. Those are his areas and he knows it, so he spends most of his time in either of those two beds.

My cats on the other hand have a mind of their own. My cat, Wally, sleeps on my pillow ALL day long. I think he only gets up to eat and drink most days (haha). Because Wally is so lazy, I have an extra pillow I place on top of mine with a removable pillow case that I wash weekly as well. This prevents the hair from getting on to my pillow that I sleep with.

So, if your pet has a spot they like to hang out often in just cover it with a blanket, towel, or bed, making it much easier to clean and take care of.

Eventually you will still have to clean.

I’m sorry, but the reality is no matter how much you try and stay on top of it you will still have to clean up after them here and there. Here are a couple tools I find very helpful.

Floor Cleaning Robot

One of the most popular brands of self-cleaning vacuums and mops is the Rhomba – (check pricing or buy).

Cleaning Up Pet Messes

I love the rubber hand held brushes (click to buy) for removing hair. This tools is about the only thing that gets the dog hair out of my car seats and also works great on the couch, comforter or your clothes.

I also love the rubber brooms called FURemover (click to buy). I actually use this at my work to sweep up the hair at the end of the day before I mop…it’s that good. It works on carpet or hard flooring. I have not found anything that removes the hair better!

Getting Rid of Pet Odors

I also like to use a deodorizing spray to help keep the smell down between washes. I prefer a spray with essential oils so it is safe for their bedding or directly on them. Depending on the oils you use it can also help repel ticks and fleas! I will post a recipe here soon!

Just always be careful what essential oils you are using around your animals because not all are safe for pets. Also, some maybe safe for dogs, but not cats so always check with a reputable source.

I would love to hear what tips and tricks you use to keep your house tidy, clean and smelling great even though you have pets so please comment below!