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Pet Product Reviews – Cats & Dogs

As long time pet owners, we have tried, tested, and played with many products, toys, and treats.

We then rated and explained our experience and the products in the articles below.

We also give you information on where to find the products and give an estimated price and where to get them.

Dog Product Reviews

With dogs, bones, stuffed animals, knotted ropes and other chew toys are in high demand.

If they have long hair, it needs to be groomed – brushed and washed – on a regular basis.

Dog beds will keep them off of yours, along with bowls, poop bags, collars and leashes will complete your basic gear.

Cat Product Reviews

 All cats need a cat box – we’ve found the best.

Everything Litter Robot – Buy, Setup, Cleaning, Accessories, Reviews
After that, you need to trim their nails, brush their coat and most importantly – give them love.

Sometimes that involves play – so we review cat toys. Cat furniture gives them a place to relax and sleep.

How To Use/What Pet Products Work

You need to know how to properly use pet grooming products so they work. Different brushes work on different coat types.

Some dog and cat toys are no fun! Others are, but break easily. Some are just right.

PrixiePets helps you get the products you sift through the junk and get to the best pet products, toys and treats for your beloved cats and dogs.

The Best Dog Care Products:

Your dog wants to and will play. They can get dirty or bit by ticks when going outside.

Don’t fear, PrixiePets is here to show you the best in dog care products, toys and treats.

Dog Care Product and Toy Reviews

To help you, we have written many articles for the most common dog products and ailments:

just to name a few.

We also have recommended many dog care tips for that will help you groom and care for your beloved pet.

See How to “Stop Dogs From Chewing With Moose Antlers” to help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Here Are Some Dog Grooming Videos:

Dog Grooming Tips & ProductsExercising and Playing with Dogs 

Want the Freshest Kitty and Dog tips? We thought you would:


Product Reviews for your Feline:

Cats are very independent, but still require help staying well groomed, exercised and happy.

How To Use/What Pet Products Work

To help you, we have written many articles to teach you the basics of cat care including:

just to name a few.

We also have recommended many cat product reviews for your cat that help you groom and care for your beloved pet.

See why “No cat owner should have to scoop again” to help clean that cat box and reduce odor.

Here Are Some Cat Care Videos:

Cat Grooming Tips & ProductsCat Exercise and Play

Pet Care How-To Videos

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Pet Grooming and Cleaning

Cats and Dogs need to be groomed periodically to be clean and happy. The amount of time between grooming depends on the pets coat type.For all pets it is important to get their nails trimmed and ears cleaned every few weeks.

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Dog Grooming Tips
Cat Grooming Articles & ProductsDog Grooming Articles & Products

Written by Robert Tanguay