3rd Edition Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box (We used for 2 Cats)

Litter Maid Automated Cat Box
Litter Maid 3rd Edition Self Cleaning Litter Box (Buy Here)

Scooping the cat box is no one’s favorite chore. We decided to give our Litter Robot a break and try out the Litter Maid Automatic Cat Box.

When looking at all the benefits and features, the Litter Maid stood out because of it’s low price point. It was also open, which our cat Prixie prefers. She started peeing and pooping on the ramp of our other litter box that was enclosed….

Affordable Automatic Cat Litter Box

We have used only one other automatic cat box, which is the Litter Robot.

We love the Litter Robot, but the number one complaint we hear from our viewers is the price is too expensive for them (just under $500 with this coupon).

While we think it is well worth it for the high quality you get with Litter Robot, we wanted to help you guys and see if there was a another option out there that was more budget friendly.

Let’s talk about the Litter Maid’s features:

A ramp helps to stop the cat from tracking litter outside of the box.

The waste receptacle box is covered and has a charcoal filter to minimize odor.

The arm and rake of the scooper is durable and easily removed for cleaning.

It is powered by and AC adapter, but does have battery power backup in case of power outages etc.

Automatically senses when cat has used the box and will wait 10 min to then scoop allowing the litter to clump in time and not go off while the cat is still using the box.

Litter Maid Benefits:

No scooping for you! This box automatically scoops for you, just emptying the waste receptacle box every few days and cleaning up the rake and box of the little left overs every once in a while.

No special litter is needed. Use your favorite clumping litter and you are good to go.

Low odor. With the box getting cleaned quickly after the cat has gone and then having it get deposited into a receptacle with the charcoal filter really helps cut down any odors.

Picky kitties will love always having a clean box and may prevent them from going elsewhere in the house.

Litter Maid Cons:

You do have to buy replacement receptacles. I have heard of people lining the receptacle with a small trash or shopping bag, so you are able to re-use it though.

For the larger cats or cats that really like to cover up their bathroom spot they may fling litter outside of the box. The sides are pretty high, but the box is not covered so some could definitely get out of the box.

The rack has a hard time getting completely down to the bottom of the box, so you will have to give some attention to the box maybe once a week and clean out anything it has missed.

The receptacle box is on the smaller side so if you have multiple cats it will probably have to be emptied every three days, but I say still better then scooping daily!

Overall I think this is a great option for an automatic cat litter box. It has great features and benefits that I find much better than a typical cat litter box.

Now that your house doesn’t smell like a cat box,