Helpful Hints When Dating a NON-Dog Lover

How to Date a Non Dog Lover

A Non Dog Lover!?

I can’t believe that word even as I am typing it! Non-dog lover!! No way! How can you not love a dog? Well let me tell you…they are out there and I fell in love with one of them, so I wanted to share with all my dog lover friends how I slowly won him over.  (I’ve been so successful I don’t even know if I can call him that anymore).

When Bobby and I first got together I had two dogs. A shepherd named Gretchen and and pit bull boxer mix named Bruin. I had a big challenge in front of me, but because Bobby was a cat lover I knew I had a chance! Here’s what I did:

Be Understanding

Many non dog lovers did not grow up with dogs or have ever spent enough time with them to feel that special bond. Give them time, try to see the situation from their point of view and help them warm up to the idea.

Groom Your Dog Often

The biggest thing is that dog smell. The haters hate it, so I recommend getting your dogs professionally groomed. The groomers will not only bathe them, but clean their smelly ears, clip their clicking nails, and have great tools to help remove as much hair as possible! Get your pup on a regular schedule to help keep your partner happy!

If you can’t afford to get your dog groomed regularly or want to save by providing upkeep yourself, we have many great tips and how to articles here: Dog Grooming

Frequently Clean Dog Areas

Not only does that dog smell linger on the dog, but wherever the dog spends most of it’s time too, so make sure to clean any dog beds/blankets regularly. Wash their collars and toys. Gretchen was a gift giver. She loved to give us her toys. I thought it was the cutest thing ever, Bobby getting a wet, slobbery smelly dog toy in his lap, not so much!

Brush Their Teeth

Dog smell is bad, but stinky dog breathe is even worse, especially if they are obsessive kissers like Bruin! I kept the toothbrush and toothpaste out on my counter to try and remind myself to do this daily.

Not only will it keep your partner happy it is great for your pets dental and overall health! Win, win.

Have Dogs on Their Best Behavior

Having Bobby visit my home made me realize how lenient I had gotten with the expectations of my dogs behaviors. Dogs like having boundaries and I had gotten pretty lacks being single and living in my house by myself. My dogs kept me company, made me feel safe and made my day by greeting me overly excited at the door. I was letting them jump on me, cuddle on the couch with me, and sleep with me.

I decided it was time to show Bobby how well behaved they can be. Only laying on the couch or bed when invited and greeting us when we get home in a much less excited manner. Most of these bad behaviors I had encouraged while going through a break up months earlier because it was making ME feel better not the dogs. So again a win, win.

Go for Walks

Exercising your dog is very important and should be done daily. Having your partner get involved will help them bond with your dog(s). At first I always walked the dogs and just asked for Bobby’s company. As we progressed in our relationship he started taking control of the leashes or walking one of the dogs while I walked the other. I explained to him that leading the dogs in a walk was a great way to earn their respect. (Here are some great Winter Dog Exercises)

Have a designated NO dogs allowed area

Once Bobby moved into my home with me we had set up an office downstairs for him to work at home. This area we agreed would be “no dogs allowed”. This way he had a space of his own with no dogs smell, hair or slobber! ***Currently he lets Bruin up there, just not unattended 🙂  Have dog hair removers handy!

Make Compromises

This goes for both people involved. Over time you need to make sure your partner will be a good fit. For some dog lovers, their partner not loving their dogs is a deal breaker. I agreed to keeping up with the elements stated above, but I also explained to Bobby that I would probably always have AT LEAST two dogs in my life…did he love me enough and had Bruin and Gretchen grown on him enough that he was willing to “deal” with the dogs.

I am happy to announce that he has come a long way and more then just “deals” with the dogs. He still is not a fan of some of dogs behaviors, but he loves them and has since enjoyed working with me on this website and learning a lot about dogs in general.

Happy Dog Loving Couple

We hope this list helps you create a dog friendly relationship and home. Any ideas or suggestions that worked for you – leave them in the comments bellow. Don’t for get to share and follow us on Facebook!