The Furminator Fur Removal Brush Review

Furrminator Dog/Cat Brush Review

Overall Rating: A

Purpose: The Furminator is a great tool for de-shedding and fur removal on dog and cat coats.

Cost: This is a more expensive grooming tool ranging from $40-55 (Buy Here), depending on the size and where you get it.

Durability: This tool is made very well and is sturdy. This would last years for the average pet owner. The only problem I can see happening is eventually the teeth will get a little dull and not working as well.

How well it works: The teeth on the Furminator are specially designed to grab the dead undercoat and lessen the amount of shedding from your dog.

Let me tell you, that is exactly what this tool will do! It removes the hair that many of my other brushes leave behind. This was a life saver when I had my German Shepherd! This tool also works amazing on short haired cats!

Negatives: Please read instructions carefully before brushing your dog or cat out. The teeth on the Furminator are sharp in order to grab the undercoat, so be careful in sensitive areas by not using a lot of pressure.

Also, the Furminator can start to damage the outer guard hair coat on dogs if you brush over the same area repeatedly.

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