Cat Scratch Box

Cat Scratching Boxes

Cats love to scratch – and this includes things in your house like furniture and carpet.

Cats with longer nails tend to be more destructive, so make sure you cut your cat’s nails frequently.

The simplest solution and a pretty nice thing to do for your cats is to get them a scratch box or post. We’re gonna review cat scratching boxes here.

Cat Lounge – Cat Scratch Box

We’ve had cats for a long time, and have tried many cardboard cat scratchers. Typically, the cheap ones break apart and don’t last very long.

Cat Lounge Cost

For this review, we decided to buy one of the more expensive ones on the market, The Scratch Lounge, for $25 at the time this article was written in 2015.

You can get it for about $35 here now. Inflation, kid.

Editors Note – You can buy replacement scratch pads for the Scratch Lounge Classic for $20 here.

Typical cat scratch boxes can cost is an item that can range. I saw cardboard cat scratching boxes ranging from $8.99 all the way to $40+

I purchased one of the more expensive ones called The Original Scratch Lounge Classic. I’ve found it better to have a high quality scratch box that is durable and will last.

Durability: The less expensive ones are smaller and may have thinner cardboard and not last as long. The Scratch Lounge Classic has very thick cardboard and the pieces can even be flipped to the other side once they are worn out, doubling the scratching area!

Fun factor: My cats loved this before even adding any cat nip. Wally instantly scratched on it. This may not make them wild, but it is a great place for them to fulfill their natural instinct to scratch and it is a comfy place for them to lie. Once the catnip was added my cats did go wild and had fun trying to hide in the box and pounce on each other!

Pros: Now that I have my Scratch Lounge Classic, the amount of scratching in unwanted areas of my home are down to a minimum. Another plus is this scratching box came with a package of cat nip and is big enough for my cats to lie down in. It has become one of Wally’s new favorite napping spots.

Cats Love Scratch Lounge

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Cons: Once the cardboard starts breaking down it can get messy leaving little pieces of cardboard everywhere, but once the box get to this point I would recommend replacing it anyways.

UPDATE: Over 3 months later and the Scratch Lounge Classic is doing great! I’m not sure if we’ll even have to replace it in a year. Definitely glad I got the better cat scratch box.

Cats tend to scratch things you don’t want them to when their nails are long – so trim them frequently!

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