The Litter Robot is the safest cat box for pregnant women.

Traditional Litter Boxes are Filled with Germs – Toxoplasmosis: Dangerous for Mothers

No one likes scooping the cat box, but it can be especially dangerous for pregnant women.

So why should women should stay away from the litter box during pregnancy?

Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection, grows on and is transmitted from cat poop. Pregnant women can get this infection from scooping or handling cat litter.

In early pregnancy, Toxoplasmosis can cause birth defects in the unborn baby.

Some adults have had it already and are then considered immune because you have built up an immunity to it, but you might not even known you have had it before, so it better that everyone is safe rather than sorry.

The Litter Robot makes life easier and cleaner for pregnant women and families.

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Stop Scooping Cat Box Litter

Cat Using Litter Robot

Growing a baby is a special time in a woman’s life. You are busy with work, appointments, and staying healthy.

Your cats are too – eating, cleaning themselves, playing and …. peeing and pooping.

With the Litter Robot, you don’t scoop the cat box every time they do their business.

It automatically does it for you! When the waste drawer is full, just empty  the bag and put a new one in.

We Use it in Our Home

We have tried and tested the Litter Robot Open Air in our own home. We love it and recommend it to any cat owner!

To document of affection for this product, we have made a Complete Litter Robot III Review that includes:

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Saves Time for Pregnant Women and Busy Families

Along with keeping Mommy safe, the Litter Robot saves everyone time and energy. You have enough to do feeding babies and children, laundry, doctor appointments and all the rest of the things you have going on.

Now you can relax, knowing your house won’t smell because you forgot to scoop the cat box two times today, the Litter Robot already did it for you.