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PawPrixie Dog Paw Protector

PawPrixie Dog Paw Protector- Naturally Made, Simple Ingredients

The outside elements can be rough on dog’s paws, leaving them cracked and dry, especially from cold winter weather.

MoosePrixie Dog Chews are cruelty free, all-natural shed dog chew toys that help your dog relieve stress while cleaning their teeth.

Benefits of a Paw Protector

You can use PawPrixie prior to walking your dog to prevent damage from weather and outdoor elements like salt, pavement (hot summer pavement too), rough sand and coarse environments.

Paw Prixie comes in a 4 ounce tin wide enough for extra large dogs to fit their paw in .

Choosing the right size moose antler, you make it easier for dogs to entertain themselves with ease of handling, so they can get to the good stuff!

It also makes the antlers last longer. While larger moose antlers last longer, if they are too big, your dog will not be able to chew it properly.

How to Apply Paw Protector – PawPrixie

Along with Uses for Paw Protector

It’s important to not let your moose antlers get chewed down too much. A good rule of thumb is that your dog (or dog chewing on it) should not be able to fit the entire antler in it’s mouth, as it could get lodged in there and choke. This is the same with any chew toy.

Be a friend and donate the chewed antler to a smaller dog if possible. If antler is too small, throw in the woods and buy a new one 🙂

MoosePrixie Dog Chew
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