De-Grease Your Pet

This is the ultimate greasy fur cure!

Dog with Grease-Free Fur

Some dogs and cats can naturally have greasy coats. Even after a bath they don’t feel very clean; strands of hair are stuck together and their coat is not fluffy.

A lot of dogs get greasy ears while being treated for an ear infection because of the medication.

Cats – especially un-neutered males, can have a section of their tails get extremely greasy because their hormones are making the glands produce more oil.

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Tricks to help remove the greasiness from your cat or dog’s coat.

De-Grease Dog's Coat

First Steps to Grease Free Fur

Before even bathing your pet there is a few things you should do first. It is best to brush them out, which helps break up any dirt or dead skin that may be sticking to the grease in their coat. On really greasy areas sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch to help absorb some of that grease. Use your fingers to rub it in and spread it around. Give the baby powder or corn starch a few minutes to work, then the pet is ready to bathe!

Rub a Dub – Get in the Tub

Now that your dog or cat is in the tub, don’t wet them down just yet. I put original Dawn Dish Soap™  on the main trouble areas (listed above). Wet those areas just a little to help lather the thick soap, scrub it in, then wet the entire dog down and wash the entire pet with the Dawn.

Let the soap sit on them for a few minutes. If you are worried about the dish soap being too strong and irritating the skin, Top Performance sells a de-greaser specifically formulated for dogs and cats . Rinse the dog and wash your pet again with a normal pet shampoo.

Dry and Powder Your Dog

For best results, dry your pet and check them. Any areas that still seem a bit greasy, sprinkle it with more baby powder and then brush them. The baby powder or corn starch can also be used in between baths. By following these few steps your dog should be grease free!

*If  the greasiness on your pets coat is due to a skin issue it is best to ask your veterinarian what is the best shampoo.

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De-greased Dog Face


Sometimes, it’s best to leave the de-greasing to the professionals. This discusses the how dog groomers charge and what they provide in their services.

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