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We Beat on Our Litter Robot for 3 Years

Our First Litter Robot

Who likes to scoop the cat box? No one. Having a cat box that automatically scoops for you seems like a cat owners dream.

We got our first Litter Robot over 3 years ago in the Summer of 2017. We absolutely loved it, and it was our first automated cat box so naturally it blew our mind.

New Litter Robot

Not having to scoop was a big deal. We had a young, busy family and would often forget to scoop on a regular basis until a few days passed and we’d come home to a home filled with ammonia smell.

Some times I felt like A Child Called It…..

Not Cleaning Our Litter Robot

The Litter Robot worked so well that we began to neglect it, forgetting about cleaning it for months. We did this for 3 years, replacing the globe (under warranty) once.

We didn’t use or try the recommended cat litter, and every type we used would get clumps of urine soaked litter stuck to the rubber on the inner globe. Our two cats used and abused the Open Air for dozens of months.

Wally, our 15 year old cat clawed the rubber near the entrance of the litter box viciously. It held up functionally, but you could see the scratching marks – it was probably good for him.

Surprisingly, we still have the same carbon filter that came with our once new Litter Robot.

Litter Robot vs Other Cat Boxes

We’ve since tried other automated cat boxes (like these on Amazon), but have yet to find a scoop-less cat box that works as well.

The LiterMaid was almost a joke – though we got the small one by accident.

Prixie (our smallest cat and mascot of this site) seemed to prefer the openness of the Litter Maid and used it instead the Litter Robot steps or the downstairs sink.

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