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Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

Litter Bot Open Air Review

The Litter Robot Open Air III is the newest automatic, self cleaning cat litter box released from Automated Pets. I don’t know anyone that likes to clean or scoop their cat litter box. With the Litter Robot, the claim is you won’t have to.

Litter Robot Open Air 3 Setup/Operation

Litter Robot Open Air III Review/Use

Overall Rating: A+

Purpose: The Litter-Robot III Open Air is an automatic self cleaning litter box. With the options of either 3, 7, or 15 minutes after the cat has exited, the Litter Robot will automatically rotate, separating the clean litter from the dirty litter and depositing it in a sealed drawer below the unit.


Cost: This is the most expensive litter box I have ever seen, but it is a robot! It cleans the box for you and you can tell a lot of thought and engineering has gone into this product making it the best automatic litter box out there. It costs $449.00. Use this link and receive $25 off and FREE shipping

Durability: This unit is very sturdy and comes fully assembled. There was no cutting corners here. Every part of the Litter Robot is of good quality. They also offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month Warranty. When the unit rotates it is very smooth and more quiet then I expected. The buttons on the control panel will uphold years and years of use.

How well it works: I am so impressed with the Litter-Robot III Open Air. I feel they have thought of everything when it comes to features. The ease of set up, use and acclimating our cats to it has been incredibly easy. I’m still pretty mind blown when I watch this Robot so simply separate the waste from the clean litter. We will NEVER have to scoop or even empty a litter box again! There is an “empty” cycle that will remove all of the litter that is in the Litter Robot into the drawer for when you want to do those monthly litter exchanges to use completely new litter.

Because the Litter Robot removes the waste in minutes  there is virtually no smell and you will have no build up which will  save on how much litter you will go through. The amount of times you will need to empty the drawer where the waste is stored will depend on the number and size of cats you have. Typically they say twice a week with 2 cats and once a week with 1 cat, but because they have thought of everything you don’t even need to think about that because there is an indicator light that informs you when the drawer is full!

With an extra spacious litter chamber it is great for large or small cats(5 lbs and up). It also has a sleep mode & lock out feature plus an optional automatic night light. If you set it in sleep mode the litter robot will not self clean for 8 hours from the time it was originally set into sleep mode. It will remember this each night until you take it off sleep mode. This is great if the Litter Robot will be located in a bedroom. Amazing right?

Negatives: It is a bit expensive for a litter box, but because of the time I will be saving not having to scoop and how it contains the odors it is 100% worth it to me. With anything electronic I worry about  the motor or any other part breaking.

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